Can't Change Style using Sidebar

I created a new document and dragged some rows from another document.
I wanted to change the style of the level 2 rows, so I selected “Level 2 Rows” in the Style Sidebar.
I changed the style to the font I wanted, but the document did not change.
I tried to use the menubar command “Clear Style” but it was grayed out.
The only way I could change the style of these rows was to select them all and clear the style.

I was under the impression that the Style Sidebar could be used to change the style of all the rows of a certain level. Is this not true? How could I have changed the style of these rows more easily?

This has been an issue before, when I was using OmniOutliner 3. I just thought it would be fixed in 4, but now I realize there must be some other reason.

My guess would be that there were styles applied to the rows you dragged in. Styles work in a hierarchy so more specific set styles will have priority when there are conflicting styles. What you did by selecting the rows and using the Clear Styles options is exactly what you need to do in this situation. To get a better understanding of what’s going on in such situations, select the row or text, and look at the Style Attributes inspector. It will list what style attributes are applied where.

In this example, I have the row “This row is bold” selected and it shows that on just this row it has been bolded and set to the font family Arial Black. Since this is at the top of the list, these take priority over any conflicting styles below it such as the Whole Document being set to use Helvetica Neue. Hope this helps.