Can't consistently bold or unbold font in Note in Action

I can report more system details if needed (OF2 on Yosemite, 2008 iMac), but I’m wondering if other users are having a problem getting content in the Notes of Actions to bold or italicize? Oddly, sometimes I can get the same text to turn bold (or unbold) but then not seconds later.

Any ideas?

Can you use note->remove formatting to get rid of it?

Just looked through all the drop-down menus, and no sign of “remove formatting”–where is it?

I just select the note and right click and there is a “remove formatting” option in the contextual menu.

Thanks–I assume you mean “Clear Style.” Yes, that does work to remove bold even in cases when the keyboard shortcut or corresponding entry from the drop-down menu does not.

i got same problem but know i find our all this thanks for the suggestions.

Just a heads-up to anyone following this thread–a Support Human at Omni confirmed this is a bug.