Can't edit MS Project imports

Hi, I’ve just bought Omniplan Pro because it claims it can import and edit MS Project files. I imported the file without a problem but I can’t edit the duration of any of the imported tasks. Entering new dates in the Inspector has no effect and the drag icon on the task bar itself is missing at both ends.

This is a dealbreaker for me. Is there a solution or should I ask for a refund?

@markofnorwich It sounds like the tasks in your project may have imported with locked dates (this most commonly happens when the tasks in Microsoft Project are manually scheduled). You can unlock the task dates by clicking the small lock icons in the Task Inspector. If you have additional questions about this behavior, our Support team would be happy to help out! They can be reached by email at

Hi, thanks for the advice. I’ve been through all the tasks on the imported Project and have found that, in fact, a few were imported OK, and can be edited easily. But the big majority are not editable at all.

The tasks that can’t be edited have apparently been (wrongly) imported as a group but then the group icon is greyed out and cannot be changed. The (open) lock on each of them is also greyed out and cannot be changed. So a very buggy import overall.

I’ve already contacted the support team and hope they can solve it or at least refund my purchase.

I had the same problem, also a little tricky to import csv files as well.