Can't edit Tables

I have used Make Table to create a 3-col 30-row table, looks fine initially.
But when I start any editing, such as cut/paste to different cells, the table gets destroyed.
Text alignment and position shift randomly, holes in outside border appear. The Undo command does not fix anything.

I conclude that Make Table is utterly worthless except for small trivial tables that will not be edited.
I have heard that tables can be imported from other software, but I’m not interested in that.

Probably there will not be an upgrade for my version 1.8.1 on original iPad.
So are there any tips on cut/paste that might help me use what I have?

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In answer to my own question, I find I can use the OG Table if I carefully enter and cut/paste into cells. I still would appreciate clarification of anomalies in Tables.
My drawing needs the Table feature, and again I don’t want to import tables.