Can't open Visio files with unlicensed trial version

I need to evaluate whether my workplace should purchase one or more licenses for OmniGraffle. Part of this evaluation is seeing how well it works with Visio files; some people on our team use Windows and have Visio, others use OS X.

I’ve downloaded a trial copy of OmniGraffle and when I try to open a Visio file, I get this message:

In the OmniGraffle menu, there is no such option to switch to the Pro feature set.

Is there some other way to activate the Pro features?

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You may wish to contact the Omni Group directly, to see if they can get you a temporary license key that can help here.

I could understand their point if people were to use the trial version to convert a lot of Visio files for free during a trial, and then not pay.