Can't save in version 7.4 (v179.8 r291433)

Hi all, I upgraded to the latest build this morning and now I can’t save.

The error I’m getting is: The document “Untitled” could not be saved as “xxxxx”. You don’t have permission.

Note this I did add a filename & I’ve run first-aid on the disk. No problems with any other Apps, and this is a relatively new iMac.

Any suggestions or help?

We have heard some reports of this problem, but have not been able to reproduce the issue here so far. I’m sorry about the trouble.

Steps to Try:

  1. Try saving a various locations, like the Desktop or Documents.
  2. Use Help>Contact Omni to create an email that attaches this document, then change the address to email yourself the document as a workaround (so you do not lose any work).
  3. Quit OmniGraffle.
  4. Launch OmniGraffle and see if you are able to save. Try saving to a few different locations.
  5. As a troubleshooting step, create a new user account. From there, create a new Untitled document from the same template & attempt to save. Are you able to save there?

Information that might help us reproduce the problem:

  1. macOS version you are using.
  2. Did restarting the application resolve the issue?
  3. Are you able to consistently save to other locations? If you can save to some places, but not others, Get Info in the Finder to folders you can not save to (Command+i). To take a screenshot, Press Command + Shift + 4, then drag to select the dialog you wish to capture. A screenshot will be placed on your desktop. This information will help us understand which permissions are used for those folders.
  4. Is your OmniGraffle originally from the MacAppStore? Or was it downloaded from the OmniGroup Store? If you aren’t sure, you can go to OmniGraffle>About OmniGraffle, and click on the version number in the about box. On the right side you will see details. Where it says Product: the version will either be OmniGraffle-7.4.x, or OmniGraffle-7.4.x-MacAppStore.
  5. Support humans may have more ideas specific to your situation to try. Please choose Contact Omni from the Help menu. Include any of the steps you were able to try here along with the results.

Once again, sorry for the frustration. Please contact us if we can help further, or if you have any details which might help us reproduce this problem.


Thanks for the help.

Restarted it and working great … didn’t realise I could email the document out.

I’m running macOS 10.12.5 - OmniGraffle purchased from the OmniGroup Store.

The only other bit of information is that I started OmniGraffle and it displayed the message an update was available … I followed the instructions to download and install the update. Everything seemed to work great until trying to save.

Working great now though … so a happy bunny.

Thanks again for the help :-)