Can't search custom perspective for available items

Hello, everyone.

I have been using OmniFocus 3 for a while, but I recently created a new perspective (see below) and noticed that, if I set “Availability: Available”, I cannot use the search bar (search:Here) to find tasks or projects.

If I set “Availability: Remaining”, search:Here works fine.

If I keep “Availability: Available” but Group and Sort:Individual actions instead of Group and Sort:Projects, search:Here also works fine.

Does anybody understand why I can’t search my new perspective?

Edit: what I mean by “cannot use the search bar” is, when I start typing, OF usually starts showing tasks/projects with the keywords, but when I use my new perspective, no tasks are filtered - OF just seems to show all of them.

Just tested it and it should work.
Have you tried reindexing the search db from setting?

Settings -> siri & search -> index -> reindex Search items

Hi, Janov. Thank you for your reply.

I am on the Mac, not iOS. I couldn’t find the setting you mentioned on OF3 for mac.

I did rebuild the database, but that didn’t work.

What is weird is that, the minute I change the perspective settings from “Availability: Available” to “Availability: Available”, search starts works again, i.e., as soon as I start typing in the search bar, results are filtered instantly.

Just a quick update: I tried searching the exact same perspective on OmniFocus 3 for iOS and search worked fine. My problem is only with OF3 for Mac.

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