Can't tell which items contain notes [A: feat. req. filed.]

The new OF 2 for iPad UI looks great, but I can no longer scan a list of tasks and discern which of them contain notes. Once I tap on a task, a handy icon appears to inform me that the item includes a note. However, it would be very useful to also see this icon in a list view. (In OF 1 for the iPad, the presence of an attached note was indicated by the first line of that note appearing in grey, directly under the task name.)


I’ve been adding an ellipsis manually myself, as it really helps me to quickly identify when a note is present.

Call Mark Nathans re: lack of icon in OmniFocus…

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I started this practice back on OF1 for OSX and have continued it:

  1. For any task that has a note I use " > " at the end.
    eg. “Replace shaver >”

  2. For any task that has a group of child tasks inside it I use " –> " at the end
    eg. “Random bits to consider -->”

Has worked well for me over the years

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It was better on OF for ipad 1 though. Why require extra steps. Even a paperclip or something to just indicate automatically when there are notes, a photo or audio


Excellent idea!

I use emojis for whenever I add something to the notes space. Since the emoji keyboard remembers your most frequent, it’s easy to do. I use the notepad for notes, globe for internet links, and a speaker if I have audio recorded as an attachment.

Example: Create a project to clean the garage. 🔈


I would like to see an note indication too, just like on the iMac version. I submitted a request.

I was very disappointed to find that there is no notes indicator in the OF 2 for iPad. Although given Omni’s refusal to add it to the iPhone version, I guess I should have seen it coming.

But there is an indicator if you are in the detail view for a task. After creating a new task, I rarely go all the way into the detail view. It would be much more useful to have the indicator in the list view like it is on the Mac.

I have been using ellipses like others here have mentioned due to the inconsistencies between the different OF versions. Crossing my fingers that this gets addressed on the iPhone and iPad soon.

IMHO: Why should we have too add our own indicators? This is a Pay-To-Play App, and the entry fee is very high. If Omni Group expects us to dish out 50 bucks for mobility on iPad and iPhone. We should expect darn near perfection.

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