Can't use desired shortcut for Quick Entry

I’m trying to set my Quick Entry shortcut to command-backslash on my new computer, but Omnifocus tells me that it’s a system shortcut.

However, when I go to my system shortcuts, I don’t see that being used anywhere. Moreover, I’m using command-backslash as my Quick Entry shortcut on my older device. Not sure why I can’t on my new computer. Any help?

Are you using 1Password? If so, ⌘\ is the default for Autofill.

On a side note, I’ve been using OmniFocus’ default Quick Entry Shortcut (⌃⌥Space) for years and have yet to run into any keyboard conflicts.

Hm, I did recently set up 1Password, but only as a browser extension (not the app). Unless I’m mistaken, it doesn’t seem to use ⌘\ for autofill, nor can I find what shortcuts (if any) it is using.

Is there a way to find what shortcuts are being used by what systems/apps/etc? I know I can use another shortcut, but I’m overly fond of ⌘\ and it’s baked into my muscle memory having used it for Quick Entry for years on my old device.

I’ve always used ⌘\ for 1Password autofill in browsers. Though, I’ve never used 1Password without having the app installed. I didn’t even know that this was possible.

There are apps like KeyCue and Cheat Sheet that can be used to reveal keyboard shortcuts. But, I don’t think this is an exhaustive list. I’m not aware of an app that can uncover all global shortcut keys.

Maybe consider using ⌃\ for Quick Open instead (assuming it doesn’t conflict with any other shortcuts). It’s at least close to what you’re used to.

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