Canvas window view keeps jumping to upper left

I just upgraded to Omnigraffle 6. Everything seems okay, except the canvas window view randomly jumps from wherever I am working to the upper left corner. Additionally, if there is more than one canvas, it jumps to the upper left corner of the canvas that is listed first in the canvases pane. It appears to happen even when I’m touching neither the keyboard nor mouse. I am using a MagicMouse, so I was thinking maybe it is a gesture or something. I disabled MultiTouch, but it keeps happening.


Hi Michael,

That doesn’t sound like any known issue we are aware of—can you please email us so we can investigate this with you?

In addition to emailing us, would you be able to send us a screen recording that shows the behavior you’re seeing? This Apple support article explains how to do that. Once you’ve captured the recording, select Menu Bar ▸ File ▸ Save… in QuickTime Player and send the resulting file in to me by uploading it to our secure upload site.

Hi Omnigraffle,

Did this issue ever get addressed??

I’m seeing this exact issue and it’s kinda driving me nuts. The screen jumps every minute or so.