Capture email from Mailplane 3 into pre-populated Quick Entry with shortcut

I’m loving OmniFocus 3, but when I upgraded this week I managed to somehow destroy my most critical workflow of having an email selected in Mailplane 3 and using a keyboard shortcut (CNTL+A) to pop a Quick Entry window that had the title of the email pre-populated in the title and the body of the email in the notes section. Also a link to the email in gmail was at the top of the notes section (this part isn’t as critical for me).

In a previous life I was an Outlook for Mac user and had an entire AppleScript setup using BetterTouchTool. When I switched jobs to a place that uses Gmail, I specifically opted to use Mailplane in order to be able to still use my keyboard shortcuts. Somehow I figured out how to do this without a script I think, but that was more than 12 months ago and in that time I’ve had a kid so my short term memory is worthless. :)

*What I’m running:

  • MB Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6
  • OmniFocus 3.0.1 (v119.18 r318662)
  • Mailplane 3 Version 3.8.2 (3387)

*What I’ve tried already:

  1. OF3 preferences, quick entry shortcut set to CNTL+A. Results in a blank quick entry window.
  2. OF3 preferences, clippings shortcut process (Sys Prefs, keyboard settings, Shortcuts, Services, Text, shortcut…everything according to instructions).
  3. OS System Prefs, Keyboard, Shortcuts, App Shortcuts, Mailplane 3, name Shortcut and assign key stroke

*What I’d love help confirming:

  • Is my workflow outlined up top possible without an AppleScript? While I’m convinced I wasn’t using a script to achieve this before I upgraded yesterday, I also could be totally mistaken (#sleepdeprivation). Is it possible I haven’t named a shortcut in Keyboard preferences correctly and it’s not matching the call to OF3?

  • Did something in OF3 change to break how this potentially worked vs. the process in OF2?

  • If I do need an AppleScript, any pointers on ones pointing against Mailplane 3? I’ve read practically everything in reference to getting Outlook for Mac and OF2 to play nice together, but most of those are pretty hairy. I’m totally fine editing a few lines in script editor and using a script automater like BetterTouchTool, etc.

Any tips or help is super appreciated. Thanks!! :)


I am also interested in a solution. GSuite is easy to use at my job.

Unfortunately, a cursory peek at Mailplane 4 doesn’t mention OmniFocus 3 support…