Capture from Notes app to OF inbox


I usually capture in the notes app on iPhone. Is there any way to send all these captures to OF inbox rather than me manually copy/ paste them? I tried to do a command-a and copy the notes on Mac and then paste in OF inbox but that didn’t work.

I know there are some app for iPhone that’ll send notes straight to OF inbox via the sync server.


You can use the share icon on Mac or iPhone to send notes to OF

You should also give Drafts a try. it’s faster than Notes, and it supports list capture – you put each capture on its own line, tap the menu item and each one is imported separately to the OF inbox using the reminders function.

Drafts is also a superior version of Notes, too.

Yes but then I have to do this one by one which is going to be a pain. I can’t select all and share from my Mac. I don’t have OF on iPhone so that’s not an option for me.

It’s too expensive and probably way over the top for what I need.

I was looking at


Sorry - I hadn’t understood that you wanted to transfer in bulk

@henders Braintoss is amazing. My main source for capture.

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