Carplay and OmniFocus

Am I missing something, or does the lack of Carplay integration for OmniFocus mute all time-based or location-based OF notifications while driving with Carplay?
Is there a workaround or plans to support Carplay notifications anytime soon? Choices right now seem to be 1) Don’t count on OF to remind you of important things while driving with the Apple ecosystem, or 2) Don’t drive with the Apple ecosystem. I hope I’m missing something here.

(FWIW, this question is not about the iOS 11 do not disturb feature. It’s about having a “Show in Carplay” option for OF under Notifications like the Reminders and Calendar apps have).

Carplay integration would be great. Even better if I could interact with it eyes-free using Siri.

I was excited to be able to use Siri to add tasks in OmniFocus while driving but Siri just tells me she can’t do that while I’m driving.

That’s an iOS (11) Siri related setting. Nothing to do with OmniFocus, I’m afraid.

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