Case-insensitive filtering?

I notice that filtering from the toolbar is (at least by default, perhaps fixedly ?) case sensitive.

Might add a bit of friction, I think …

Perhaps case-insensitive by default, so that we can filter for (France | france) etc in one step ?

Or a way of switching off case sensitivity ? (There may be something that I have missed)

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It shouldn’t be case sensitive. Do you have a specific instance this is happening that you could send us the document for?

Thanks – it looks fixed with the current build.

(In the build I was using, loading your standard Books template, and searching for france from the toolbar control only found case sensitive-matches – it didn’t find France)

Ah … I missed something …

The case-sensitivity bug in filtering is still there, but only affects column-specific filters:

With a document based on your standard Books template, if you choose the Origin column in the filter drop-down, “France” will still yield matches, but “france” will fail.

Ah, because that’s a popup column. Thanks.