Centre Lines of Canvas

I am using Version 6.6.2 and it used to be the case that when you moved an object around a canvas / page the vertical and horizontal centre lines were displayed so that you could position the object along those lines or at the centre point of the canvas - these lines no longer appear.

Is there a setting to activate this function ?


We do still have Smart Guides. You should get a guide in the center of your Canvas as long as you are in Fixed canvas mode and are not automatically resizing the canvas.

In the Canvas Inspector, check to see that you are set to “Fixed”. If you are using an infinite canvas or a flexible canvas, the size may change at any time, so there is set center. In those modes, you will see smart guides to align objects to one another as you create, move or resize graphics. You can also see canvas smart guides if you are in “Flexible” mode, but only if automatic sizing is off in all directions. That’s how OmniGraffle knows the Canvas Size is not supposed to change any further, so the center point has meaning.


Hi Lanette,
Thank you for the prompt response.

I don’t see a “fixed” option in the Canvas Inspector, I have only ‘auto-size’; ‘size uses printer pages’ (which is what I had selected) and ‘print canvas on one page’.

Auto-layout is Off. Snap to grid is ON; Smart Alignment Guides & Smart Distance Guides are ON
The Origin is at the top left hand corner of the page 0, 0.
The page size I am using is A3 landscape orientation

Any further thoughts ?

Hi David,

Oh dear! You’ve told me you were using version 6.6.2 and I told you information that’s only valid for version 7.3 and newer. Sorry about that. A fast reply that isn’t accurate is less than helpful.

To turn on Smart Guides in that version, choose Arrange ▸ Guides ▸ Smart Alignment Guides and Smart Distance Guides. It has changed so much!

If that feature is on and you do not see the Canvas center grids, it could be because you have snap to grid on. You can’t both snap to grid and get canvas smart alignment guides because OmniGraffle is going to favor your grid over the canvas if you force it to choose. The smart object alignment guides still work with snap to grid. I have submitted a request to document this interaction so that it is more clear what decisions and options are available when working in OmniGraffle.


Hi, I am now on version 7.9.2 (v192.15 r319654) on Mohave and don’t see any smart guides to center something on the canvas (neither vertically nor horizontally). May I ask for some help ? Thanks a lot.