Change a shape in place?

I would like to select a shape in my diagram and change it to a different shape from my stencil while retaining its connections and size.

I can change it to one of the default shapes in the Line Inspector by selecting the shape, then clicking a shape in the inspector. A post in the old forum indicated that I could add shapes to the inspector by dragging a copy from the stencil to the canvas, but that doesn’t seem to work for me.

Any way to do this? I am using Pro 5.4.4 for the Mac, but the old forum answer predated 6.0 so I’m hoping that upgrading is not the only answer. I’m quite happy with the version I have and $99.99 is a lot to spend for changes I either don’t need (fancy fills) or actively dread (“A complete user interface redesign from the ground up.”)

There must be an easier way than this, but two option you could play around with are i) to use the style brush (tool #7) to copy then apply selected styles from an item with the desired shape/properties to your item, or ii) with the desired shape selected in the document, drag the “shape”-style from its style tray at the bottom of the window onto your item.

Both methods will require you to have (temporarily) the desired shape somewhere in your document in order to copy from. Not the most elegant.