Change Applescript so that Merlin activities are added to Inbox in OmniFocus instead of to new folder

Does anybody know how to modify a script that sends Merlin activities to Omnifocus? I would love to change the following code so that all activities/sub-activities are pasted into the Inbox instead of creating a new folder and a new project in OmniFocus. The code is as follows:

-- Place nested list of activity names in a new OF project
on PlaceInOF(lstActivities)
	if length of lstActivities > 0 then
		tell application "OmniFocus"
			tell default document
				set oFolder to make new folder with properties {name:pstrOFFolderName & " " & (current date)}
				my FillOFFolder(oFolder, lstActivities)
			end tell
		end tell
	end if
end PlaceInOF

-- Transfer activities to the specified OF folder
on FillOFFolder(oFolder, lstActivities)
	using terms from application "OmniFocus"
		tell oFolder
			repeat with oAct in lstActivities
				set {strName, blnDone, lstChiln, strNote, strParent, dteStart, dteDue, dteDone, lngMins, blnFlagged} to oAct
				if (strNote is not missing value) and (length of strNote > 0) then
					set oProject to make new project with properties {name:strName, note:strNote}
					set oProject to make new project with properties {name:strName}
				end if
				tell oProject
					if blnDone then mark complete
					if not dteStart is missing value then set defer date to dteStart
					if not dteDue is missing value then set due date to dteDue
					if not dteDone is missing value and blnDone then set completion date to dteDone
					if lngMins > 0 then set estimated minutes to lngMins
					if blnFlagged then set flagged to blnFlagged
				end tell

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