Change cube depth


I’m trying OmniGaffle and am having a hard time trying to edit the depth of a cube. It seems that the representation of the cube in Gaffle is actually flat, which is different from Visio or where you can actually grab the “3D” vertex (3D corner of the cube) and move it around. I can’t find a way to do this in Graffle. Any ideas?

Unfortunately, Visio has support for 3D Shapes (which we do not have). Anyone who would like to see this feature added to OmniGraffle, please email us a request at

I actually can’t justify purchasing the product without this feature (even the free has it), so count me in. Graffle really should support 3D shapes.

Is there any progress on this? I need a cube shape that I can adjust, and I’ve used two different 3D stencils, and the built-in cube shape, but I’m not really happy with what I see.

I’ve also tried creating 3 rectangles / beziers to form the visible exterior of a cube, which I can shade with color, but I can’t figure out how to join them with magnets so when I alter one face, the others move accordingly.

I’ve tried drawing 12 lines, which I can join into an outline of a cube shape, but I can’t make the exterior faces into objects that I can fill with a color.