Change default hyperlink color

This is my typical experience with OmniOutliner. I start my outline document just fine but then run into seemingly intractable issues that derail and exhaust me.

  1. Where can I change the font color given to a live hyperlink (i.e., be it displayed as its link text and/or a URL)? Right-clicking an selecting Show Colors shows the default text color… The forums seem to be devoid of an explanation/howto. I’ve tried searching using several terms.
  2. Related: The context menu item, Remove Link, does nothing except change itself to say Add Link. The text remains styled the ugly blue of a HTML 1.2 hyperlink and still opens a web browser page when clicked. Nothing seems to be removed.

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OmniOutiiner 5.3 (v189.4 r306047)
macOS 10.13.4

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I tried it just now and what seems to happen is that OO recognises the link format automatically (there used to be a menu option to ‘add hyperlink’ - then the label dialogue would open). if you then right click the link you’ve made and select ‘edit link’ then in the dialogue box click ‘remove link’ what i found was that the hyperlink text reverted to plain text, with no link, and the blue text with underline reverted to the current style. about formatting a live link, it seems you can’t edit the colour or underlining of a live link.

Thank you, Ken. It’s as I feared then. I’m done with this tool. Sick of dealing with issues which should be simple.

Sorry no, it isn’t possible to change the color used for links. We do have an open feature request for this. What level of control over the color are you looking for? App-wide? Document specific? A style attribute that can be applied to structural and named styles?

If you actually don’t ever want your text turning into links, you can turn off the automatic link detection app-wide. Links can still exist either from pasting in an actual hyperlink, or using the “Make Link” option.

As for why removing the link doesn’t seem to work, the “Remove link” option is a macOS provided control and not connected to our link detection so the text is quickly processed and converted back to a link. If you turn the above setting off, using the “Remove link” option will work.

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My documents has a specific “color palette” and the default hyperlink doesn’t match this palette. It would be great if we can apply hyperlink style as if it’s any other text style.