Change default resource allocation behavior

Hi there, I noticed that in “Task Inspector” -> “Resource Allocation”, the default option of “When changing resource assignment” is “Adjust duration”.

Is there a way to customize the default option to others such as “Adjust assigned amounts” so that I don’t need to change it all the time when creating new tasks?


@jurnus Definitely! You can do so by updating the default task in your OmniPlan project. To do so, create a new task, then select “Adjust assigned amounts” in the Resource Allocation Inspector. After you’d updated the task, select it, then select Project > Set As Default for New Tasks in the OmniPlan menu bar.

Tried and works for me, thanks @ains for the quick reply!

However, there are several small drawbacks in the “Default for New Tasks” solution, for instance, the title, start date, end date will be inherited for all new tasks which is not what I want.

Suggestion: Is it possible to customize the default option of “Resource Allocation” in the Task Inspector when no task is selected? Currently the “When changing resource assignment” area is greyed out, while the “Schedule based on resource availability” is available:

@jurnus The “Default New Task” should only inherit the characteristics that were explicitly set on the selected task. So if you create a new task, and the only change you make is to the resource allocation setting before it is set as the default, your new default task shouldn’t inherit any dates or title changes.

If this is not what you’re seeing, could you email our Support team? They can be reached at and would be happy to look into this issue further with you!

@ains Thanks for the explanation, but even when I create a brand new task and only change the Resource Allocation option, then set it as Project’s default task; the following new tasks will still be named as “1”, “2”, “3” automatically, and use the same start/end date with the first task.

I will email the support team for this. Thanks.