Change default "Tonight" time

Hi there - wondering if there’s a way to change the default “tonight” time? It currently defaults to 11:00 pm; I’d like to change it to something like 7pm.


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‘Tonight’? Can you explain where this is used in OmniFocus? I can’t find it anywhere…

Or are you referring to some applescript? If that’s the case, you should open it in the AppleScript editor, there will be a reference there that can be changed.

Not sure there’s a way for that. But… may I suggest you to use “7p” instead? Much easier to type than “tonight”.

Check out this thread on old Omni Forums

You can always use natural language dates on OF OS X version, like “today”, “tuesday” (or imply “tue”), “1 week” (or simply “1w”).
More here:

thanks - yes, you’re right “7p” is fewer keystrokes, but sometimes “tonight” is more natural. In any case, certainly not a big deal, but was just wondering if there was a way.

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I’m not sure. I suggest you email the Omni Ninjas… they do not often monitor the forum, but they certainly answer support requests via email.

HelpContact Omni, inside the app, gives you the right email address ;-)

I don’t mind typing “tonight”–in some ways it speeds things up because you don’t have to think through should I do that at 7p or 8p?

I use “today” all the time and I know that it will be due at 3:00.

Just as there is a default time for defer dates, it would be good for their to bea default time for “tonight”.

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