Change fill of object

Hi there,
I would like to have the grid (table) to be green-coloured within the octagon shape and red-coloured outside of it. I thought about converting the table to outlines (as you would do it in Adobe Illustrator) and then simply crop it along the borders of the octagon, but I couldn’t find a feature for that.

Any help is high appreciated.

Not support and just pondering because it is an interesting puzzle…

If there were two copies of the grid: one green and one red. The red one has a mask on it in the desired shape and is in Front of the green one. That might work.

[later] Okay, I got it to work but I had to create the red table, Copy as a image, then paste it back on the canvas. Only way it would allow me to apply a Mask to it. Then I was able to set a stroke width for the mask and move on top of the green table.

You could use a pattern fill on your shape. From solid fill, pick other in the dropdown, then go to the far right tab and pick the pattern and color you’d like.

Otherwise, make the table, Copy as (Graphic format of choice), paste, the change the shape within the octagon.

The last and final option is to use lines and create a group, but it’s the fiddliest option out of them.

This looks great, would you mind uploading your graffle file? I am not familiar with masks and it would certainly save me some time…

Thanks for your reply, however, I do not understand your first two answers.
Which pattern can I pick to make it look like a grid? I am aware of pattern fills but I couldn’t find an option to use custom fills.

Regarding the second option: I export the table as pdf, paste it back into the document and… change the shape within the octagon? What exactly does the last step mean? Sorry, I am not very familiar with Omnigraffle/graphic design.

For the color palette pattern fill, click Other for colors under Solid Fill as shown in this photo.

When you paste in photo, it will be rectangle by default. In the Shape section of the Object Inspector (shown above), click to change the shape type.

Thank you so much!

I will try…

Stacked (13.6 KB)

If this doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll find another way to send.

Is this OmniGraffle Pro only feature? I cannot find anything under the Standard License. I have seen people have the same issue.

I don’t think so. I know Artboards are Pro only as is Presentation Mode (which makes sense because of the Artboards).

Where you able to download/use the file I posted?