Change Global Font settings in Notes field

Question; Is it possible to set OF to accept incoming text as plain text rather than rich text?

E.G. - When I paste something into the notes field, without having to use global paste command w/out font (option+command+shift+v), is it possible to have it automatically change text to plain so that all the fonts within the notes are the same (like Things notes field)?

It is ok if URL links are removed; as I only need them occasionally and can quickly select and paste them into a browser if/as needed.

Any thoughts OF Ninja’s?

Thanks for your insight…


I suppose that the notes field in Things is for plain text only. I agree, it would be convenient to be able to paste without styles (which I also normally would like to do) as standard, but as the field in Omnifocus accepts styles, you have to use the command for pasting without styles. I can see two ways around it, neither probably what you want:

  1. You could paste text from a text editor that doesn’t have styles.
  2. You could paste text into the notes field in Omnifocus for Ipad/Iphone, which only accepts plain text.