Change "Last Reviewed" Date?


does somebody has a workaround for me how to change the “last reviewed” Date of a project? (in Case of I mark something reviewed, but actually I didn’t. And I still want to see with which project I am overdue in reviewing.) Thanks.

There may not be a way to change the last reviewed date, but you can certainly change the next review date. You could set it to today. It may be possible to set it to a date in the past even beyond the last date, but I’m not certain.

To change the dates, use the inspector from the Projects perspective on macOS. On iOS it’s a bit more complicated but if you swipe right to left on a project and select ‘More’ then choose ‘Review’. That will put it up for review now and from the review perspective you can change the date.


Hi thank you, I tried that already before. The problem with the next review date is that it is not accurate. Eg. when I have a project which should repeat every week and I set next review date for e.g. tomorrow then it gives me a time based on the 1 week cycle and there is no way for me to change that. Even when I set it to review every 1 day I cannot have the review date which I exactly wanted.

So that does not solve my problem. Does somebody else has a workaround?

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. @joebuhlig does have an Applescript that lets you set the next review date here.


Thank you very much! But another apple script? Please, no. I want to keep my Mac as simple as possible… :(

What about OF implementing the functionality of this script into OF itself? :]

Does it work correctly if you set the review date to three days or more into the future? Then, if you are using a non-English system on your Mac, you might have run into the same bug in Omnifocus as I have:

Problem to modify date review

Took a look at our issue tracker and didn’t see this, so filed it as a new feature request. Appreciate the suggestion very much!

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Thank you very much @Brian!

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Sure. we’d love to keep it simple. If users want this feature, send an e-mail to to up vote a feature request. One of OmniFocus’ strength is the capability of utilizing the power of AppleScript to create scripts and workflows that will solve a particular problem. I wouldn’t dismiss having an AppleScript if it can solve a problem.

It’s not that difficult to install an AppleScript. I’ve often found an AppleScript that I like and downloaded it. I dragged it to the Scripts folder. Sometimes I have to quit and restart the app and it appears in the AppleScript menu at the menu bar available for me. If I really wanted, I could peek at the script in the Script Editor and tweak it to fit my personal needs. AppleScript is fairly straightforward to understand in something that looks fairly close to English grammar.

It’s easy to customize the OmniFocus toolbar and add the AppleScript to my toolbar. After that, there’s nothing else to do but click on that toolbar button. Easy-peasy…

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Can anybody say whether this problem could be somehow solved with the new OF3? Does anybody have new ideas? Thanks!

The item that was filed back in November is still in our database so the rest of the team knows you want this, and it’s under consideration for being added to the schedule.

In general, our development process tries to give the highest priority to things that lots of customers have told us they want. It doesn’t look like other customers have requested this since it was originally filed. Apologies for the disappointment!

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Thank you for your answer!

Also another point regarding Apple scripts for software you can buy: In the last OF Podcast regarding OF3 it has been told that some apple scripts broke. this is another reason why I dont want to use scripts for an app I pay for. I want everything the script does within the app. I want to feel like the endconsumer not something like between a computer scientist and a mac nerd.