Change of fill color takes one click too much

Hi guys! I’m new on the forum, and I have a question.

Does anyone know why it takes me three clicks (instead of two) in order to change the fill color of an object? See the image below.

I understand that OmniGraffle likes to know from what element (text, line, fill color) I want to change color, before I can actually change it. However, in my opinion changing fill color is an action which is so common, that I get somewhat annoyed from this extra click all the time.

I wonder if I HAVE to go over click number 2 all the time time, or if these’s a way around it. For example, I would expect that CMD + click on the color would change the fill of an object straight away.

Anyone who can help, for example with a keyboard shortcut?

I totally agree, I’m a long time Omnigraffle user, but I can’t figure out how to change the fill or text color easily. Often it’s actually worse than sijme says, you have to also select the correct inspector first.

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You can drag a chit from the palette at the bottom of the Color Panel onto the object whose fill color you wish to change.

Sadly, the Color Panel is part of the system, and therefore we are limited in the things we can do with it.

Thank you for your response, @KyleS. Yes, I did notice that I can drag a color onto a shape.

Man, what a pity! Again, today I was complaining about it. Are you sure you cannot allocate a simple keyboard shortcut for this?

If you feel like a keyboard shortcut would be beneficial to you, I encourage you to send your suggestion in via email:

Thanks, Kyle. I sent an email!

Came here looking for an answer to this exact problem - very well illustrated here. The problem is that 99% of the time I’m selecting “Other” from the drop down so that the highlighted object is immediately affected by changes in the color picker.

What I would love is a single button under Fill / Stroke / Text that did exactly what the DropDown > Other two clicks did. The Color drop down is pointless anyway since there is no simple way to change those colors, just get rid of it and add a single button that does exactly what selecting “Other” does.