Change Project Name to Title Case?

I like my project names to be short and in title case. But, typing in this way on my iOS keyboard is sometimes a pain. How can I use AppleScript (or something else?) to modify the names of my projects?

For example, I type this: A project to x about y for z
And then the scrip changes it to: A Project to X About Y for Z

Automating it is not an issue (I have an app for that).

On the Mac I’ve had good luck with WordService . It’s a series of text-services; assign a keyboard shortcut to “Translations:Capitalize” and it should do what you describe.

Highlight the text, and then: Edit > Transformations > Capitalize

Standard across all text inputs on MacOS.

Thanks, but capitalize is not the same as title case. In title case, words like “of”, “the”, “and”, “or”, etc are not capitalized.

I googled and found this flexible script that allows you to choose between Title and Sentence cases in addition to Uppercase. No idea if it’s still functional: