Change resource availability over time

I’m wondering how to change the availability of resources at different points in a project.

Business offers Bob as an SME to help with developing UAT scripts at 30% of his FTE hours at cost of $50 per hour. Later on Bob will then become available for 80% of his time at $50 per hour for a period of 12 weeks to assist with UAT, then roll off the project altogether during implementation phase.

I’ve tried making several versions of Bob in the resource view with different units of 30% and 80%, but rolling up / levelling the cost and effort assigned to Bob becomes difficult as to all intents and purposes they are different resources.

Any ideas or tips please?

@pixie It isn’t currently possible to assign resources variable units or efficiency, sorry! We do however have an open feature request for this functionality that I’ll add your comments to.

At this point in time, the best way to work around this limitation is by setting up different “versions” of the resource as you described, or by customizing the resource’s working hours to approximate their availability.

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