Change row colour dependent upon field data

I use OmniOutliner to outline each scene in a novel. I have a column where I note which character’s point of view I’m using. (I use a drop-down list in this column.) It would be great if I could colour an entire row, depending upon which character’s point of view I had selected for this row. Is this possible? If so, how?
(The inspector seems to allow me to colour therow gutter, but that’s not enough. I find the colours difficult to see there.)

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I think that’s certainly possible using OmniJS scripting API since Outline has an Instance Function named onCellChanged:

function onCellChanged(handler: PlugIn.Handler) → PlugIn.Handler.Registration or null

Registers a PlugIn.Handler to be called when any cell in the Outline is edited.

Each time a certain row is changed, that registered Handler is going to be invoked. So, building a script to accomplish your goal seems feasible.

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