Change rule in custom perspective - plug-ins

I want to share with you, plugins that modify custom perspectives. These two plug-ins can help with filtering tasks in a custom perspective, without editing perspective which takes some time.

Toggle has duration:
The plug-in adds/removes the “Has an estimated duration” rule in a custom perspective.

Link to plug-in

Toggle Availability:
The plug-in changes the “Availability” rule, either to “available” or “remaining”.

Link to plug-in

Feel free, to give some feedback :)


Thank you!

Do these require OF 4?

Yes, OF in version 4.2 is required.

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Ok. Thank you!

These are most excellent, thank you for sharing!

Could you provide plug-ins to toggle the flag status?
flagged, not flagged and ignore flag?

Hey @hammer

Sure, I can provide plug-ins with toggling the flag status. As I understand you suggest implementing 3 states of toggle plug-in?

  1. Show flagged tasks
  2. Show not flagged tasks
  3. Show flagged and not flagged tasks

Cheers :)

I’ve tried this off and on for a few months and failed. Not seeing good documentation surrounding the code you’ve come up with.

I created toggleFlag plug-in. This handle only two states for now:

  1. Show only flagged tasks
  2. Show both flagged and unflagged tasks

Plug-in: Toggle flag - Beta | omnifocus-scripts

I need more time to add third state (show not flagged tasks). It is more complicated because I have to edit aggregate rules.

Feel free to test this plug-in and let me know if everything works as expected.

Cheers :)

works perfectly, thank you so much!