Change Task Bar Colour

I am trying to change the color of the task bar color using OmniPlan for Mac, but I can’t do it, can I please get some help?

Those settings are in the “Project > Style” inspector and will affect whatever you have selected in your main view.

And is there a way to change the color of a group and all its tasks etc? So that different groups end up in different colors?

I would find that super useful for an easy overview!

The options on the left of the inspector in that screen shot (where it lists 'whole doc…, column titles, etc.) are the things that can be set up with styles that automatically apply when new ones are added. To affect a particular grouping you’d have to select that whole group and apply your styles. Then you’d need to add those same styles manually whenever you added new tasks to it.

So that different groups end up in different colors???


@Karrahahu1 Information about working with Styles in the most recent version of OmniPlan for Mac is available here and here. If you have further questions about changing the colors of groups in the Gantt view, our Support team would be happy to help out! They can be reached at