Change the angle of an Adjustable Wedge?

Can the opening angle of an Adjustable Wedge be changed after its creation?

When inserting a new wedge, it contains handles that allow the user to set its angle. However, I can’t get these handles back after the wedge was created.

This is a really annoying, as I need to create many pie charts with the same appearance but just different angles: any help would be much appreciated!

OK, I found it: the example wedge angle I was trying to resize has its corners exactly on the (square) handles of the englobing rectangle, so the resizing the angle’s (round) handles are hidden.

I’m not sure how to access them, short of rotating the pie chart, resizing the wedges, and rotating it back. This is quite cumbersome: is there a faster way of resizing the angle of a wedge when its corners fall on the englobing rectangle?

Alright, I found it again: pressing alt-cmd allows the angle handles to be selected. Good!


Nice! Thanks for sharing lebigot!