Changed date reseting

I have a number of perspectives where I sort by ‘Changed’ date so I can see which repeating tasks I have not worked on for a while. However, I am finding that on occasion, the changed date is resetting to the same as the ‘Added’ date. For example, when I complete a repeating task, sometimes the changed date on the regenerated task is the time that I last completed the task and sometimes it is when I first added the repeating task.

I am using Omnifocus on an iPad, iPhone an MacBook and syncing between all three. It’s not clear whether this is just occurring on one platform though as I have not managed to reliably recreate the issue. It seems to be random.

OK. I have managed to replicate the issue:

  • First I create a new task in a project on my MacBook. Added and Changed dates are the same (as expected). This syncs to my iPhone with those dates.

  • A few minutes later I add a Tag on the MacBook to this task. The change date is updated as expected and syncs correctly to my iPhone.

  • After a few minutes, I then move the task to a new project on the MacBook. The Changed date on the MacBook updates correctly however, when it syncs to the iPhone, the task moves to the new project but the Changed date now shows the same as the Added date on the iPhone.

The Changed date is now different on the two platforms with the MacBook one being correct and the iPhone one being wrong.

I guess I need to raise a bug report.

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