Changes to "blocking" conditions don't update until you exit trunk of the outline

Testflight Mac OS version: v174.0.986

I noticed this today; and applogies if it’s been reported I’ve been away from testing for 2 months

When I work in the project outline if I make structural changes to the outline in the blocking logic of a Project like change from sequential to parallel or add an item that blocks others. Or tags change. If I leave the project view but stay parked on a node in the affected project by clicking on a perspective; if that perspective filters on conditions that just change in that project, then the perspective will not show or hide the relevant data based on those changes. If I go back to the project view and click on a node that is outside the scope of the affected parent project. Aka, just click on a different project that is in the root of the tree or folder and return to the perspective then the data displays correctly. It behaves as if the project changes are not committed until you click off of the project.

Sorry if that’s not clear, It took a while to figure what was happing…