Changing a Action group into a task


I tried to find this topic because I’m certain it’s been covered but didn’t so I’m sorry if this is redundant. By my own wisdom I moved two projects (without sub tasks) into a project thinking they’d become tasks to the project. Instead I noticed that they have arrows next to them and types (and thus are action groups). I don’t really know what that is, but I’ll assume that means they are subsections to my project where I can group tasks of a similar nature.

That’s fine, but I really want these action groups to be individual tasks to the project, so how can I change them to task? (Other than deleting them and recreating them of course. ;) )

Does Organize > Move Left do what you want?

Hi and thanks, but no that just moves the action group to the project level, I want to change it to a simple task (no arrow to the left of the title).

Hi jel888 - understood. What if you now drag it out of the sub-project it’s got into and thus leave it at one level higher than that sub-project; namely the parent project where you want it?

Well then it remains this sort fo action group with either a parallel or sequential type versus being a single task (without a type). I guess when you pull a project into another project it simply remains a action group. That’s fine. I can understand why. I’ll just create a simple task and delete these.

Thanks though!

Okay, I found my issue, dah!!! I had hidden actions under them (from when they were projects). And that’s what caused it to have the arrow, only because my settings in the “eye” view weren’t showing completed tasks, I couldn’t see them, so even when I clicked on the arrow nothing would show.

Sorry for this “newbie” mistake. ;)

Well done, jel888 - it’s an even greater satisfaction, isn’t it, to sort it out yourself. Good luck!

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