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Anyone know if there’s any progress on allowing us to resize columns, or whether there’s a view that’s better than the one I’m currently using? I saw a thread from several years ago that’s now closed and as far as I know there’s been no change. I find the inability to resize columns a seriously odd oversight. When I use OF on my Mac, I have wide expanses of empty white space, yet I cant read the names of my projects because they’re so truncated.

See image one

Or alternatively I bunch up my projects and actions in a tiny little spot at one side of the screen and have even more white space

See image two

It feels like the options are suitable for smaller screens. On my desktop monitor there’s more than enough space to show both the Next Action and the Project name side by side, but I can’t find a way to utilise it. Any ideas?

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+1 for resizing columns. Have wanted to be able to do this for years.

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We’re working towards making the app layout more customizable, and sizes are next on our list. I’m not sure if they’ll make the cut for 4.0, but new features already in v4 are the ability to customize field visibility in Fluid, and to customize field order in Columns.

That said, in OmniFocus 3 you can change the tag column size using this page:

And while it’s a bit complicated, you can tweak the widths of other columns as well. If you email our support humans (at and let them know what you’re looking to do, they can help you with this.

The relevant controls are:

preference name default value
CustomColumnsLayoutMinimumTitleWidth 110
CustomColumnsLayoutMinimumProjectWidth 72
CustomColumnsLayoutMinimumWidthTags 80
CustomColumnsLayoutMaximumWidthTags 180
CustomColumnsLayoutEstimatedDurationWidth 58
CustomColumnsRatioOfMaximumColumnWidthToMinimum 3

(The page linked above builds a URL to adjust the CustomColumnsLayoutMaximumWidthTags setting by redirecting to a URL like omnifocus:///change-preference?CustomColumnsLayoutMaximumWidthTags=180. You can replace CustomColumnsLayoutMaximumWidthTags with one of the other keys and 180 with other values to tweak these settings. If any of this sounds at all intimidating, again, my advice is to reach out to our support humans and let them know what they’re trying to do. That’s how that friendly page got built!)

Until we place a friendly in-app interface on all of this we don’t consider this a delivered customer feature. But I thought people reading this thread might appreciate having access to it now, rather than waiting for us to build that interface!

P.S. — A quick explanation of those parameters above: most columns have a minimum and maximum width: as the window is resized, columns resize along with it. Most columns are willing to grow up to three times their minimum width, as specified in CustomColumnsRatioOfMaximumColumnWidthToMinimum. But we quickly realized that was unnecessary for the estimated duration, so it just has a fixed width. We also realized that most people didn’t need the tag column to grow to 3x its original size, so we gave it an explicit maximum width that was just 2.25x its original size (along with a page where people could set a maximum width appropriate for their use).

If you want fixed, pre-specified widths for all of the listed columns, you can lower the maximum-to-minimum ratio to 1 and enter the widths you want for each column. (That said, the title will always get whatever extra space is available.)

Again, all of this is documenting how things work in the shipping v3 app. In our ideal world, you could just use your mouse to resize columns directly in the window. We’re working to get closer to that ideal in v4.


I cannot express how helpful this is. I wish I had known this when v3 was released. I was aware of the tag column pref, which I applied years ago, but having all of these is game changer.

This also appears to work in v4 Mac.

Thanks so much for sharing on this. Having had a play around, yeah I’d agree this isn’t ready for primetime as is, but its workable for me for the time being. I was able to make a rough and ready Alfred workflow out of it so I can change things relatively quickly if needed, but it still requires a bit of trial and error to get things right. Glad to hear that its on the radar at least.

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