Changing due date while in Forecast terminates editing

I like some of the new things in OF2, but one thing I’m really struggling with is how to deal with tweaking a task’s properties while I’m in Forecast mode. I find this mode useful in general (or at least I have on the iPad), but one thing that seems very problematic in OF 2 for Mac is that if I go to edit a task in the Inspector, the instant I change the due date, the task is gone! For example, on the iPad I’ve been used to pushing a task forward by a few weeks (if I didn’t get in done by the due date) by just clicking twice on the “+1 week” button. But if I do that in the Inspector, one click on the “+1 week” button and poof!, the task is gone from my current view and I’m not editing it any more. The date change has taken effect instantly and the task has disappeared.

Is there some way to not have all of the edits instantly take effect, at least if they would cause the termination of editing? Am I missing something about ways to make this useful?




I think this is a bug. The Clean up changed items option in preferences seems like it should prevent this (I have mine set to When changing views). But in Forecast, removing the due date whisks the item away before I have a chance to finish editing.

I hope this is a bug, as it’s a brutal usability regression for me.

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