Changing Due Dates for Items

I think I’m missing something easy here, but whenever I go to change the date on something in Forecast view, if I change it in the Inspector it doesn’t update, and if I change it directly in the item listing in the I get a little error sound. What’s worse, in the latter case, I can’t seem to get out of that editing mode, and no matter where I seem to click it makes that sound. The only way I seem to be able to change the due date is drag the item to a date in the calendar in the upper left-hand corner, which is really inconvenient.
I’m assuming this is a bug, or I’m just missing something obvious.

Can I ask what you’re trying to change the date to? OmniFocus will attempt to parse most common date formats, but can sometimes have trouble if it can’t determine what date you mean to give it.

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I’m just changing the date either by picking one from the drop down calendar, or by tying in a new date (just changing the date in the month/date/year format that’s already there) into either the field in the inspector or in the entry in the forecast list.

And neither of those work? That certainly does seem like a bug – if you could report it via email, we’d be very grateful. It would be great if you could include:

  • An example date that you tried to type in (e.g. “12/31/14”)
  • The date format that OmniFocus is displays (e.g. “December 31, 2014”)
  • Your system’s primary language and region settings (which you can find in System Preferences)

I’ll get on that and send in a bug report.
Thanks for your responses!