Changing font size to put outline on one page


It’s tax time again and time again to print out my OmniOutliner checklist to make sure I have all my tax documents together. When I try to print it out, it takes two pages, with just one item on the second page.

So, I did a Select All and reduced the font size. When I go to print, it appears that changing the font size only works on screen and has no effect on what is to be printed.

Am I doing this wrong? Is there another way to change to size of the font so that I can print this checklist on just one page?



On my machine what works is this: go to File > Page Setup and reduce ‘Scale’. Then go to File > Print… and click Show details if necessary, then uncheck ‘Scale to fit page width’ under ‘Document’ .



Thanks! That worked!

It’s kind of a hack, though, isn’t it, using the Mac’s printer dialog to get what you want and not being able to do it in OmniOutliner?


The scale to fit page width option is so you don’t have to adjust column widths to make sure the printout doesn’t span multiple pages horizontally. OmniOutliner isn’t intended to be a layout application and it’s very easy to end up with documents that spill over a little bit to another page to the right. The scale option is exactly as implied by the name, an automatic print scaling setting. If you turn it off you are printing at 100% all the time which will then accurately reflect font size.

In addition, if your document only has one column, when scale to fit is off, your text will automatically wrap to the page width so likely won’t match what you see on screen. If you want print and screen to match you’ll need to adjust the column/window width to be page width. You’ll see a vertical red dashed line while resizing the width that indicates horizontal page breaks. This again is done so you don’t need to adjust the width manually and acts more like a word processor. Once other columns are added, expectations change.


Thanks for your detailed response. The document I am trying to print out on one page has only two columns, the check block column and the column containing the name of the item. Some items have sub-items, but these too have only two columns, the check block and the name of the item. I am trying to print to US Letter in Portrait orientation. None of the items extends past the center of the page. So, document width is not my problem. The problem is document length.

You are correct that printing at 100% does correctly reflect the font size. What I have discovered while working this problem is that no matter what size you make the font, the check blocks remain unaffected by the change. They are the same size no matter what I do, which explains why I kept getting a two page printout at 100% scale no matter how small I made the font.

I have since discovered that OmniFocus has a similar problem. If you make the font smaller in your lists in order to, for example, see more of your projects in the main app window on your 13" laptop screen, the number of projects you can see remains the same because the size of the Completed check circles is likewise unaffected by the font size change.