Changing text color just for printing

I’m using a dark-background template with light gray text. It looks great on the screen, which is 95% of my use, but, of course, light gray on white paper doesn’t print well when I need hard copy. Is there a quick way to toggle the text at all levels to black, then back to their normal template light gray after printing?

I could make a template based on my dark one, but with black type on white, open a new file and drag the rows I want to print into it, but I’m hoping for something simpler.


How about making a suitable printing template. Then when you are about to print:

  • Save document (so you have something concrete to return to)
  • Format > Apply Template Theme… (and choose your new template)
  • Print
  • Either ‘Revert To’ or ‘Undo’ twice, either of which will return you to the original.

That’s a great idea. Thanks!