Changing the color scheme in a drawing


I have a stencil with objects (vector drawings) that all use the same color scheme of four different shades of blue. The objects range in complexity from 1 to 20’ish different shapes: lines and (filled) polygons. I’m looking for a way to create different versions of these objects in others color schemes. E.g. fours shades of orange, four shades of green etc.

I know I can copy an object and then select all the lines of the same color and then change the color of these lines. But that is a lot of work, especially for the more complex objects.

Is there a way to “search and replace” a color OmniGraffle 7.2 ?



You might use the Selection tab of the sidebar to help you select all the relevant shapes?

If your document is too complex for that to save much time, perhaps it’s time to dip into AppleScript?

Thanks for the suggestion! I found that using the “differentiate by shape style” option worked best for me, that grouped a few shapes together so that I could change their line or fill color at the same time, reducing the amount of clicking required. Still faster that me writing an AppleScript…

Feature request:

May I suggest adding a “differentiate by fill style” and “differentiate by stroke style” option? That would make I easier to do something like this, without making it very specific to changing colors. It could be used for changing things line thickness as well using the inspector.

Thanks for the feature idea! If you haven’t already, please drop us a quick line email at:, and we’ll be sure to get that recorded as a feature request for the team to look into.