Changing the Default Font

How do I change the default font? I am tired of Helvetica, and I never use it. When I change it in the document itself, say to times new roman, and then press enter, the next line automatically uses Helvetica. I would like to change it so it would be Times New Roman for every new document I make.

To do it for every document, you have to save the default document template.

To change it for everywhere in a particular document, you have to set the “whole document” style. You need to open the popup in the sidebar, select “whole document,” do a “get info” and then set the font, and it should change all the fonts to the one you want.

OmniOutliner has TONS of control over styles. It’s flexible to a fault. Honestly I don’t use all the styles and doodads so it is VERY HARD for me to just set this easily like I’d want (and probably like you’d want), but with this flexibility comes complexity. It’s one of my least favorite things about OO; the excess flexibility which makes things that should be easy… hard.

Thank you! I figured out how to just change the template which helps everything. I really appreciate the help.

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