Changing the Defer Dates Based on a Tag

Is there a way, using the x-callback-url or some kind of automation in Workflow in conjunction with OmniFocus, to find and loop through all tasks that have a certain tag (#Example) and don’t have a defer date yet, and then auto-set the defer date to the this Friday (or any date).

Basically I have a set of tasks that whenever the weekend passes, I won’t be able to get to them until next weekend, so I don’t even want to see them show up and want to defer them until I can tackle them again. Other than doing a manual search via tag in OmniFocus and manually updating them, any ideas to get me started for an automated way?

I would defer trying to solve this problem for a couple weeks until the Mac version with AppleScript support for tagging (presumably…) comes out. Hopefully this will be in the promised x-platform JS but that sounds like it won’t be ready for a while.

I‘m not aware of a x-url for OF3 that allows changing a task, just reading/viewing/adding. In case I missed something, update me. I‘ll certainly script a Workflow then as I have similar use cases.