Changing visibility of many layers together

Hi. I’d think this would be a common need, so there must be a good solution:

How do I change the visibility of a number of different layers at the same time?

Let’s say I have 5 layers:

Layer 1 is the back yard
Layer 2 is the ground floor of the building
Layer 3 is the first floor
Layer 4 is the balcony design which is shared with first and second floor
Layer 5 is the second floor

I want a way to select to see my ground level, which means:

  • make layer 3, 4 and 5 invisible
  • make layer 1 and 2 visible

When I want to see the first level:

  • make layer 3, 4 visible
  • make layer 1, 2 and 5 invisible

When I want to see the second level:

  • make layer 5, 4 visible
  • make layer 1, 2 and 3 invisible

Is there an easy way to do this?

While it isn’t possible to group layers or make a set of layers, you can select a subset of layers and change the settings. If you’d like to put in a feature request for the ability to group layers together, please choose Contact Omni and send us an email so we can be sure that request is properly tracked.

You can select the layers you want in the Layers sidebar, using Command + Click. Then change the Layer setting from the gear menu at the bottom of the sidebar. It should look like this:

The other option is to put the things you want to show/hide all one one layer and use an action to show/hide the layer (or navigate to a new canvas). See “Making Objects Interactive with the Action Inspector” in the OmniGraffle help for instructions on how to Hide/Show Layers using the Action Tool.


Is this a Pro feature?

How about using AppleScript or other scripting?

I sent the above to support already also.

Yes. Scripting and making objects interactive (Known as Interactive Actions) are Pro features.

There’s a list of the features by platform, so you can see which features each version has at and you can see a list of everything exclusive to Pro at

If you want to get started with scripting, there’s a tutorial at that should help. You also have the ability in Pro to select an object and Copy As JavaScript or Copy As AppleScript as a way to help you learn how to recreate a selection on canvas in OmniGraffle Pro.