Changing Width of Left and Right Panels in Mac Version

I use OmniFocus on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 16 inch.
On the iPad the screen is nicely laid out and its nice having the big buttons on the left to Today, Projects, etc but on the Mac these buttons are squashed up to a column down the left which is disappointing considering all the available screen space.

Is this editable? Although the mouse icon changes when hovering over the divider between that column of links and the main content (INBOX for example), clicking and dragging doesn’t do anything.

Similarly, the right hand panel (inspector) is very narrow too and doesn’t seem to be editable despite, as above, the mouse pointer changing when hovering over the divider.

Is it possible to change this anywhere?



You can change the width of the sidebar (left panel), by positioning your mouse pointer between the sidebar and outline view and dragging left or right. It isn’t currently possible to resize the inspector (right panel). You can only hide and show this panel.

Note that the Inbox doesn’t have a sidebar component (just the icon), so there isn’t anything to resize in this perspective. All of the other perspectives (including custom ones) have a resizable sidebar.

Consider emailing some feedback to Omni. You can contact them by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu.

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