Check box and filter

Is it possible check box only use in some rows? I need use the check box in nested levels. I use “show status checkboxes” and then use “Check status” -> and choose “none”. It is a good practice?
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But when i use filter on uncheck stats ( ), i see all rows. Also rows in which i use “Check status” -> “none”.

Is possible use the filter on this view?

Filtering checked or unchecked status doesn’t work for me either. I’m running the latest beta as of 3/20/17.

Filtering for checked should definitely be working in this situation. Filtering for unchecked will unfortunately also result in rows with status set to ‘none’.
If you can send us an example file with a saved filter in it that’s not working, then we can take a look at what’s going on. The file can be emailed to


Thanks, we’ll get that fixed.