Check complete without having it removed


I am a new user to OmniFocus having just purchased a license a few hours ago.

What I have found is that if I accidentally click the “circle” (mark complete), the entire task disappears with no way to retrieve. This is a little disconcerting because I dont want to accidentally click something I was not planning to and lose everything that was recorded. I’d also like to keep these tasks for future records and task tracking.

Is this do-able? I’ve yet to find the option.

Thanks in advance.

So it is still there… you are just in a view that hides the completed tasks. On the bar click on the View Icon You have options there…


Thank you, Yury. I saw that but for some strange reason, what I created does not show up when I selected “All”. I had to recreate the inbox entry from scratch - which I populated with quite a bit of stuff.

Anyway, if it happens again next time, I’ll see if that helps. Thank you again!!

Checking off tasks is undoable on Mac and iOS.

On Mac I think there is a preference in app settings to leave completed tasks until you navigate away or click cleanup.

Finally you can check the “Completed” perspective. You should always be able to find completed tasks in there.

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Command-Z (undo) is your friend in this case.

Alternatively, once you reach User Level 7 in OF, you can install the magic “Cycle Thru Task Status” icon button. It is linked to an Applescript and allows you to cycle through to show different options of “All” or “First Available” or … Somewhere it is posted in a history of my links. With any luck, someone might beat me to the search and post it as a follow up here.


Hello premraj,

The tasks that you completed in inbox are sent to a project called miscellaneous in your project view - you need to go to that project, click the eye to change the view and see competed, and you will see your tasks