Checkboxes for some rows only

I’m a fairly new OmniOutliner. Still missing CircusPonies Notebook, but OO is as close as I can come.
I would like checkboxes for only some parts of my outline. For instance, one row is “notes” with child rows without checkboxes. Another row os “To Do”. It’s children should have check boxes. Circus Ponies allowed this.

I have seen a topic from 2015 with the suggesting of choosing edit> set status> none. That’s a passable workaround, but I would rather just be able to turn checkboxes on and off for different parts of my outline.

I think that is a document option and can’t be controlled on a Level/branch basis. Only time that appears if you choose View -> Show Status Checkboxes. It is not available from the Inspector or Style manager.

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Unfortunately you can’t do that - it’s all or nothing in OmniOutliner.

I miss a lot of things about CP Notebook as well.

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Thanks for the responses.
I have noticed, though, that you CAN turn row numbering on and off for particular sections and subsections. It’s hard to. see why that can’t be done with checkboxes too.

Numbers are in the Level style section where the check boxes are in accessed via a menu option (at least in the version I am using). Only other thing I can think of is to use a different/custom line bullet (like ‘[ ]’) for the sections you want check boxes. Kind of a cludge but…

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