Choosing a project to add to a perspective is a torture!


The choose project window doesn’t support search/quick locating, I have to scroll it from the beginning to the end, find the target project in all of my 100+ projects.

Does anyone has a better way to do this? Like apple script or something else?


No solutions?


I don’t know of anything you can do to affect the project selector except make liberal use of folders to make it easier when scrolling through. Sorry.


Yes, this list needs a search box at the top or something. @SupportHumans


Got a method to avoid this. Just use the ‘focus’ property of document window.

Use apple script to set multiple projects as focus.

It’s much more convenient.


You can try 「⌘ + O」 ?


agree, nuts. search in OF3 is woefully old fashioned


Please take a look again at my question.

I said “Choosing a project when adding it to a perspective”…


I create a folder for things that should go into a specific perspective. Then I move projects in there as needed.

It’s not great (projects can only exist in one folder of course). It’s just a workaround that works for me.

I agree 100% that adding projects to a perspective is frustrating, and needs search.

Also, tags implementation could be updated so that tags can apply to projects and not be passed on to actions. Add a perspective filter for “project is tagged with…”


Can’t believe it! This obvious problem still exists till now!

Even after I sent several emails to complain it.


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