Choosing a project to add to a perspective needs optimize

When I am trying to add projects to a perspective, the choosing project window doesn’t support search/quick locating, I have to scroll it from the beginning to the end, find the target project in all of my 100+ projects.

This problem is still existed! For almost half a year!

My last post has been locked, so I have to create a new one…

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Yes I remember posting in the same thread. No news.

The staff tells me that there is only 4 people who ask for this feature… Come on, guys, don’t you use the perspective of projects? Send the mail if you feel inconvenient.

Even the iOS version has a search box for adding a project to the perspective.

It’s so difficult to fix this? Can’t believe it.

Can’t believe this is such a big annoyance. Adding a project to a perspective rule is something done infrequently, and it’s easy to scroll through the list to find the one needed since the projects are displayed in the order of the project hierarchy with their full path (using my trackpad it takes me a second or two).

There are many OF enhancements that would have greater value and I think Omni is making the right prioritisation.

Sorry I don’t agree with you. It’s NOT easy to scroll from top to bottom, through more than 100+ projects.

If it’s easy, why the iOS version has a search box to add project to the perspective?

And why don’t you add your tags to the perspective by scrolling? Searching is much better for tags, right?


And it’s a built-in affordance of the control that just needs to be turned on, no doubt.

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Keep watching it…

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Just an observation but most of my perspectives are filtered by folder rather than individual projects. It required a lot of trial and effort to get this right initially but now adding projects in their “correct” place means they show up in the perspective without effort.


It’s a good idea! But this problem is still an obvious inconvenient bug.

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