Circles with Arrows (showing the flow / movement)

Hello - I am trying to draw a diagram showing the flow of a process, being new to Macs and Omnigraffle I can not work out how to create a circle or any shape for that matter with arrows indicating the direction or flow.

See below

Any help would be appreciated.


OmniGraffle doesn’t have a built-in way to create shape strokes with recurring arrows like that. (Just a dizzying array of dots and dashes!)
You could create multiple smaller lines with arrows on one end and chain them together.
You could draw arrowheads as separate graphics and place them on top of your circles or lines.

You are also quite welcome to email to let our Support Humans know that this would be a useful stroke type.

Thank you, I am a new user to the tool, how do you create arrow heads? also not sure what you mean by chaining items together?


OmniGraffle’s manual is available here:

The section on styling lines with arrows and such is here:

By “chaining” them together, I simply meant dragging the tail of one line to the head of another. They’ll snap together, and (if you’ve enabled magnets on the lines) stay stuck together.

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